2017 Grants Funded by
The Foundation for Excellence

Elementary Schools

Computer Programming with OzoBots ($1,000)

Ozobots computer programming systems will allow students 21st Century learning through STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM). Students use of the Ozobot kits will provide opportunities to inventively think, question, and learn simple computer programming skills to enhance thinking in these areas: creativity, problem-solving, decision making, predicting, planning, observing, computer programming and presentation skills. – Brookside

Grade 3: Wolves in The Wild ($3020)

The grade 3 students from Mohansic and Brookside will visit the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem to further our study of wolves. We hope to further our knowledge and understanding of this endangered species by viewing them in their natural habitat and learning from the workshops offered. -Mohansic and Brookside

Document Camera ($314)

Document camera to project images on the Smartboard in a first grade classroom. For projecting workbook pages, writing samples and manipulatives for modeling purposes and images, text and literary passages for effective and engaging instruction. -Brookside

Oh The Places You’ll Go with Ozobots ($1000)

Students that use Ozobots are learning sequential thinking, logical reasoning and coding concepts. Teaching these crucial life skills ensure that children from all backgrounds have the ability to succeed in the future digital age. -Mohansic

A Voice for All ($600)

This grant is to be used to purchase a portable sound system and microphones to be used in the first grade classes to develop fluency, comprehension, and confidence. The microphone will be used mainly in conjunction with our reader’s theater program, but also for class presentations and sharing written work. Because of the ease of portability, the system can also be shared with other classes. -Brookside

Launching A Love of Literacy ($1693.81)

The purchase of Reading kits (books with an audio CD) along with individual CD players, which would be housed in the library so that they could circulate just as books do. Students will be able to enjoy listening to a story even if a parent is unavailable or unable to read to them. -Brookside

Imagination Playground in Kindergarten ($750)

The use of Imagination Playground medium sized blocks in kindergarten will support and enhance learning through productive play in the classroom setting. Our youngest learners will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively to create and solve problems where the answers are not provided for them. Use of these blocks in the classroom will foster social, emotional and intellectual growth while supporting gross and fine motor development, as well. -Mohansic

Art Easel ($517.24)

A traveling Art Easel with organized storage to aid in assisting Brookside students with in-class art projects. -Brookside

STEM Kits in the Classroom ($506.99)

Through the use creative problem solving and communicating and collaborating with peers, “STEM” kits in the Brookside 3rd Grade Classrooms will further the student’s knowledge of ‘coding” and technology through fun and engaging activities. -Brookside


Promoting Creativity through iPad Technology ($3740)

Enhancing English, Science and Social Studies lessons for Crompond students through group and individual multi media presentations and movie production. -Crompond

Creating a Classroom to Cultivate the 4 C’s ($3225)

We are looking to create an environment that will allow for hands on learning experiences and opportunities to think critically, collaborate, communicate and create. In order to support these skills and provide opportunity for students to regularly engage in activities that will strengthen these skills, we would like to redesign our classroom environment from a typical desk and chair for each student to a more flexible learning environment. This environment will support learners of all styles and needs while giving students choice as to how and where they complete their work. -Crompond


Flamenco Vivo ($2,300)

The Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana presentation is a performance and lecture of Flamenco dancing, which has a direct tie into the Spanish curriculum. The presentation would expose students to a different aspect of the Spanish culture as well as the Gypsy, Sephardic Jewish, Arab and Christian cultures. Flamenco Vivo emphasizes character education and promotes acceptance of cultural differences. -MESMS

The Mindful Place ($750)

As a National School of Character, MESMS understands the importance of educating the whole child. Over the past few years we have seen an increased need to support students who have social emotional disregulation. We seek to create a tranquil environment, The Mindful Place, which incorporates some of the strategies and skills of Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in our building. -MESMS

STEM Workstations ($1513)

The Finch robots, the K’Nex, and the Hummingbird kits will allow us to provide “STEM” stations for students. The stations will be a bridge to the activities of “coding” and “building” that we complete in the technology and computer curriculum. The skills that are combined with these STEAM activities include: creative problem solving, teamwork, communication and collaboration skills. -MESMS



2015 - 2016 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from FFE$39334.50
1Alternative Seating in the ClassroomJoanne Brancati2nd grade$1355.30
2Brookside GreenhouseBES Edible Garden Committee. Jan Banks, Laure Foley, Michele Purpura & Laura Tolosi
K - 3rd grade$7,580.00
3Crompond PTA 1,000 Marvelous MosaicsKaren Richards, Mark Creiner & Lori Roberts
4th and 5th grade$2,700.00
4Every Picture Tells a Story
Beth Coccodrilli, Melissa Hreyo, Patricia Lord6th and 7th grade$376.00
5Genre of the Month Club
Carol E. McAleer/Alina Venezia
K-3rd grade$1,500.00
6High School Sculpture Studio
Marlene Ferrell (Parillo)9th - 12th grade$364.00
7Keep Swinging Your Feet to FocusArlene Rasulo6th grade$1,165.76
8Magic of Music
Maria VaglicaK - 3rd grade$2,280.00
9MESMS Iron Will Kids Nutrition/Character Dev/Life Skill Education ProgramLaura Tolosi & Lisa Epstein
6th - 8th grade$1,300.00
10Multipurpose, Magnificent Microscopes
Kathleen Muldoon
5th grade$3,075.95
11Pollination GardenBetsy Flor, Cari Byrnes, Elaine Goodwin - Garden Committee4th - 5th grade$2,630.64
12Programming with Robots
Matthew Ladka & Susan Sniffen7th - 8th grade$3,499.90
13Readers TheaterMichele Eames & Coleen Miraglia
1st grade$799.98
14Rewarding Efforts to Academic SuccessFaith Goldstein9th - 12th grade$651.29
15Rocketry and Physics
Daniel Moore9th - 12th Grade$578.55
16STEM Kits for KindergartenJulie Won
17STEM/STEAM Grade 3
Rochelle Mosess & Anna Fazio
3rd grade$982.85
18Strength in NumbersAllison Armstrong, Kari Sateriale & David Zeiler4th & 5th grade
19String Instruments of the Violin Family: How they are made and how to keep them sounding great
Nancy Torrente
5th - 12th grade$700.00
20Tennis FunKeri D'Angelo6th - 8th grade$1186.00
21We are all a Tweet
Adele Kivel representing all the 4th grade teachers
4th grade$3121.74
22NASP National Archery in the schools programRich Armstrong, Steven Veteri, Mike Rescihno, Katie Sherwood
9th - 12th grade
YHS PTA Partial

2014 - 2015 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from YHS PTA$5242.33
1Cultural Study of the Little Bighorn
Christopher Dipasquale8th grade$905.00
2WeeZee: The Science of Play
Maria Vaglica
K - 3rd grade$120.0
3Reading Programs to meet the needs of all learnersJennifer Saldutti
1st grade$432.21
4Read, Write, Excite - Enhancing English Language Arts
Danielle Coletta3rd grade$230.67
5School Community based Mural
Benedetta Varotta
9th - 12th grade$1,400.00YHS PTA/$1,400.00
6Ellison Die Cut Materials
Julia BrotkoK - 3rd grade$572.40
7Kindwind: A project based learning opportunitySheryl Goldberg, Brian Todd & Victoria Luczkowski8th grade$3,721.00
8What's that Tree?
Barbara Ann Ruckstuhl4th grade$824.85
9Expanding Cultural AwarenessLinda Guidotti
7th - 8th grade$791.62
10Web-Based Daily Television Show - The Core
Darrell J. Nansen
6th - 8th grade$4,023.33
11Blooming RoomCari Byrnes & Betsy Flor
4th - 5th grade$4,000.00
12Thinking and Tinkering in the MESMS Fab Lab
Donna Baratta
6th - 8th grade$2,001.55
13Activity TrackersKerriann D'Angelo
6th- 8th grade$3,799.00
14Reading Adventures and Discoveries through Literary Journal (Studies Weekly) and TechnologyAnna Fazio and Alina VeneziaK - 3rd grade$446.00
15STEM K-3
Rochelle Moses
K - 3rd grade$761.58
16Sensory Play for KindergartnersJulie Won
17Loving Literacy with Lego Story Starter
Renee Menzie, Christine Roper, Joan Colsey & Colleen Miraglia
1st - 3rd grade$7,784.67
18Rock and ReadLisa Morella, Alli Cook, Jessica Lopez, Sue Sabella & Kristianne Denault9th - 12th grade
19Local Kids, Local Chefs, Local Food: Continuing the classroom to Cafeteria Connection
Laura Tolosi
District Wide
20MESMS Living MuseumDeborah C. Potter
6th grade$680.19
21Science Pop Up Book
Kristianne Denault & Jill Proskin
6th grade$824.50
22Stage Craft Club
Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grade
23Advanced Digital PhotographyWilliam Tovar & Benedetta Varotta9th - 12th grade$1,646.00YHS PTA
24Make Space in the LibraryShannon Mersand9th - 12th grade$1,500.08
25School Community based
Benedetta Varotta9th - 12th grade$1,400.00YHS PTA
Total Granted from FFE$40,451.43

2013 - 2014 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$6,653.27
1Answers Up
Arlene Rasulo
6th grade$152.65
2Amazing Race at Mohansic
Ernie Della Vecchia
K - 3rd grade$1,275.90
3Courage to Speak Presentation/Curriculum Materials
Michele Monaco
8th grade$2,343.85
Nancy Ferrari and Pauline Quinones
3rd grade$505.99
5Printing Digital Photographs
Jennifer Saldutti
1st grade$720.56
6Operation Grace: Continuing Character Education
Pamela Chesser9th - 12th grades$1,894.60
7P.S. We Care Red Ribbon Week Activities
Karen Profita
K - 12th grades$3,000.00
8Virtual Studio
Mark Grote6th - 8th grades$1,744.97
9Building a Bridge to Literacy
Joan Colsey and Christine Roper
K - 3rd grades$1,243.28
10YHS Writing Center Chromebook Propsal
Debbie Brand and Leo Sposato
9th - 12th grades$6,473.80
11Transitional Skills from our YHS Special Needs Students
Jean Wolff and Theresa Murdock
9th - 12th grades$2,309.00
12Social Studies Chromebooks
Geoff Howard, Seth Altman
9th - 11th grades$8,010.00
13Ancient Egypt: A Multi-Cultural Journey
Scott Shiland
6th grade$1,800.00
14Commemorative Mural
MaryLou McIntosh
6th - 8th grades$1,500.00
15Unity Day Project
Veronica Hildinger, Lynne Golio, Thersa Murdock
6th - 8th grades$4,000.00
16The Sixties: Decade of Turmoil and Triumph
Scott Shiland
9th - 12th grades$4323.85
17Byte-ing into Technology
Jean Barber, Betsy Flor, Mai Jacobs and Adele Kivel
4th & 5th grades$7,859.00
Crompond PTA/$$1,084.00
18Chromebooks and Flipped Instruction
Marilee Mero
9th - 12th grade
19ESL Technology
Arthur Wenzel
9th - 12th grade
20Auditorium Events: Better Backgrounds and Organization
Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grade
Benedetta Varotta and Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grades$3,531.89
22Explode into Performance
Michael Rescigno
9th - 12th grade
Total Granted from FFE$50,356.60
Total Granted from Crompond PTA$1,084.00

2012 - 2013 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$10,000.00
1Dignity for All Students, K-3 Resource LibraryKatherine Wordsman & Bonnie SilverK - 3$556.80
2Experience the Alaska Gold RushChris DiPasquale8th grade$597.40
3Fantastic FitnessKerri D'Angelo,Dennis Daria,Gary Kittredge,Kari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$5584.63
4Safe Landings at CrompondAllison Armstrong & Dave Zeiler4th & 5th grades$1672.84
5Green ReadsBetsy Flor & Cari Brynes4th & 5th grades$325.00
6La Biblioteca EspanolMarion Ricci7th & 8th grades$340.34
7Swing your Feet to Focus - Desks to Enhance LearningArlene Rasulo6th grade$2448.00
8Ford ChallengeBeth Crescimanno, Anna Fazio,Karen Richards,Jim Flanagan4th & 5th grades$821.26
9Life Skills for Todays WorldJean Wolff & Theresa Murdock9th - 12th grades$593.94HS PTSA/$593.94
10ELL Lending Library: Building a Bridge to LiteracyJoan ColseyK - 3$1127.25
11Fluency Made EasyMelissa Dorado, Deirdre Farrell, Ana McMahon, Cristina Moccia1st, 2nd & 3rd$1379.31
12You Read With Me, I'll Read With YouRenee MenzieK - 3$1072.78
13Reading Each Day the Scientific WayJeanne Interlicchio2nd grade$2100.00
14iPad ResourcesPamela Chesser2nd & 9th - 12th$500.00HS PTSA/$500.00
15The Utilization of Digital Temperature & pH SensorsAndrea Servedio9th - 12th grades$2000.54HS PTSA/$2000.54
16iMacs for SoupstonePatricia Calhoun9th - 12th grades$4323.85HS PTSA/$2301.84
17Digital Resources for the ClassroomJennifer SalduttiK$866.84
18Increasing Technology Fluency through IpadsAntonella Dable1st grade$2354.00
19Reading for ReadinessBeth Livermore, Mark Creiner, Jen Colombos4th & 5th grades$5409.60
20Local Kids, Local Food, Local ChefsLaura Tolosi District wide$2700.00
21Special Education Science LabPatrick Burke9th - 12th grades$5000.00
22Chrome books for the ClassroomErica Knopp10th & 11th grades$4095.00HS PTSA/$2301.84
23iMacs for The VoiceLeo Sposato9th - 12th grades$5394.00HS PTSA/$2301.84
24Technology for the 21st Century ClassroomDeborah Potter6th grade$1888.44
Total Granted from FFE$43,151.82

2011 - 2012 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$3000.00
1CPRMike Rescigno
9th - 12th grades$2500.00HS PTSA/$1250.00
2Earth AdventureLisa Santosusso & Sharon DeBrino
3rd grade$889.60
3MESMS Recess takes Action!Lisa Epstein6th - 8th grades$724.43
4The Brookside Weather StationDanielle ColettaK - 3rd grades$795.00
5Guiding the Way to Independence DayJeanne Interlicchio2nd grade$1000.00
6Crompond Month in ReviewAdele Kivel, Cari Brynes & Jim Flanagan4th & 5th grades$2687.30Crompond PTA/$2687.30
7Medieval FairLisa Morrella & Christopher DiPasquale6th grade$1852.65
8Multimedia Support for the K-3 Social Studies & ScienceRenee MenzieK - 3 grades$1543.24
9GoAnimate 4 Schools CartooningKevin Dowd8th grade$200.00
10MESMS Geocaching Club Lisa Epstein6th - 8th grades$1350.76
11Innovative Technology for MusicJeff Whalen5th grade$2886.00
12Plug Into ReadingAmalia Connolly & Renee MenzieK - 3rd grades$5759.20
13Music for Motion in Physical EducationKerriann D'Angelo6th - 8th grades$677.90
14Shakespeare Should be SeenSuzanne Daria11th & 12th grades$1155.00HS PTSA/$1155.00
15Teaching and Translating with TechnologyJoan ColseyK - 3rd grades$681.00
16Interactive-Informational Text Library for First GradeAntonella Dable1st grade$3214.20
17WebCam at CrompondLauren Reid5th grade$299.95Crompond PTA/$59.99
18Creating & Publishing Literture & Grammar VideosMarilee Mero9th - 12th grades$2497.95HS PTSA/$595.00
19You are what you eatNancy LangehennigK - 3rd grades$5450.00
20Ipad IntergrationPamela Chesser9th - 12th grades$3000.00
21iPads in the LMC: Curriculum and CuriosityDonna Baratta6th - 8th grade$4970.00
Total Granted from FFE$37,136.89

2010 - 2011 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from the HS PTSA$5500.00
1Graphic Novel as Literature Phase IIChristine Johnsmeyer9th - 12th$400.00HS PTSA/$2000.00
2MESMS MAC Video Editing SuiteMark Grote6th - 8th grade$990.07
3Utilization of Interactive Models to study AnatomyBarbara Nyarady10th, 11th and 12th$1,117.00HS PTSA/$1280.00
4Bring Back the BluebirdsBruce Thompson4th grade$364.80
5Circle of FriendsMaria Vaglica/Kathleen KaiserK - 3$500.00
6Music as a MotivatorErnie DellaVecchiaK - 3$149.00
7Road to the CodeValerie EpsteinK - 3$2,400.00
8Building a Bridge to LiteracyJoan ColseyK - 3$1,650.00
9America's Choice Mathematics NavigatorMary Froats9th - 12th$6,534.00
10The Marimba ProjectEmily Kluga9th - 12th$3,349.95HS PTSA $1110.00
11Creating an Interactive ClassroomCari Bynes4th grade$1,525.00
12Mrs. Sat's Fitness ChallengeKari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$2,272.00
13Ultrasound/Electrical Muscle StimulationDavid Byrnes9th - 12th$1,050.00Huskers Club/$1050.00
Harrison Apar/$1050.00
14Responding to Intervention Accurately & EfficientlyStacey Cummins/Tori Cavallo5th Grade$3,022.00
15MESMS Aquatics Trasure ChestKari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$3,139.00
16Life's a SkillMaura Haggerty9th - 12th grade$1110.00
Total Granted from FFE$28,462.82

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