2015 - 2016 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from FFE$39334.50
1Alternative Seating in the ClassroomJoanne Brancati2nd grade$1355.30
2Brookside GreenhouseBES Edible Garden Committee. Jan Banks, Laure Foley, Michele Purpura & Laura Tolosi
K - 3rd grade$7,580.00
3Crompond PTA 1,000 Marvelous MosaicsKaren Richards, Mark Creiner & Lori Roberts
4th and 5th grade$2,700.00
4Every Picture Tells a Story
Beth Coccodrilli, Melissa Hreyo, Patricia Lord6th and 7th grade$376.00
5Genre of the Month Club
Carol E. McAleer/Alina Venezia
K-3rd grade$1,500.00
6High School Sculpture Studio
Marlene Ferrell (Parillo)9th - 12th grade$364.00
7Keep Swinging Your Feet to FocusArlene Rasulo6th grade$1,165.76
8Magic of Music
Maria VaglicaK - 3rd grade$2,280.00
9MESMS Iron Will Kids Nutrition/Character Dev/Life Skill Education ProgramLaura Tolosi & Lisa Epstein
6th - 8th grade$1,300.00
10Multipurpose, Magnificent Microscopes
Kathleen Muldoon
5th grade$3,075.95
11Pollination GardenBetsy Flor, Cari Byrnes, Elaine Goodwin - Garden Committee4th - 5th grade$2,630.64
12Programming with Robots
Matthew Ladka & Susan Sniffen7th - 8th grade$3,499.90
13Readers TheaterMichele Eames & Coleen Miraglia
1st grade$799.98
14Rewarding Efforts to Academic SuccessFaith Goldstein9th - 12th grade$651.29
15Rocketry and Physics
Daniel Moore9th - 12th Grade$578.55
16STEM Kits for KindergartenJulie Won
17STEM/STEAM Grade 3
Rochelle Mosess & Anna Fazio
3rd grade$982.85
18Strength in NumbersAllison Armstrong, Kari Sateriale & David Zeiler4th & 5th grade
19String Instruments of the Violin Family: How they are made and how to keep them sounding great
Nancy Torrente
5th - 12th grade$700.00
20Tennis FunKeri D'Angelo6th - 8th grade$1186.00
21We are all a Tweet
Adele Kivel representing all the 4th grade teachers
4th grade$3121.74
22NASP National Archery in the schools programRich Armstrong, Steven Veteri, Mike Rescihno, Katie Sherwood
9th - 12th grade
YHS PTA Partial

2014 - 2015 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from YHS PTA$5242.33
1Cultural Study of the Little Bighorn
Christopher Dipasquale8th grade$905.00
2WeeZee: The Science of Play
Maria Vaglica
K - 3rd grade$120.0
3Reading Programs to meet the needs of all learnersJennifer Saldutti
1st grade$432.21
4Read, Write, Excite - Enhancing English Language Arts
Danielle Coletta3rd grade$230.67
5School Community based Mural
Benedetta Varotta
9th - 12th grade$1,400.00YHS PTA/$1,400.00
6Ellison Die Cut Materials
Julia BrotkoK - 3rd grade$572.40
7Kindwind: A project based learning opportunitySheryl Goldberg, Brian Todd & Victoria Luczkowski8th grade$3,721.00
8What's that Tree?
Barbara Ann Ruckstuhl4th grade$824.85
9Expanding Cultural AwarenessLinda Guidotti
7th - 8th grade$791.62
10Web-Based Daily Television Show - The Core
Darrell J. Nansen
6th - 8th grade$4,023.33
11Blooming RoomCari Byrnes & Betsy Flor
4th - 5th grade$4,000.00
12Thinking and Tinkering in the MESMS Fab Lab
Donna Baratta
6th - 8th grade$2,001.55
13Activity TrackersKerriann D'Angelo
6th- 8th grade$3,799.00
14Reading Adventures and Discoveries through Literary Journal (Studies Weekly) and TechnologyAnna Fazio and Alina VeneziaK - 3rd grade$446.00
15STEM K-3
Rochelle Moses
K - 3rd grade$761.58
16Sensory Play for KindergartnersJulie Won
17Loving Literacy with Lego Story Starter
Renee Menzie, Christine Roper, Joan Colsey & Colleen Miraglia
1st - 3rd grade$7,784.67
18Rock and ReadLisa Morella, Alli Cook, Jessica Lopez, Sue Sabella & Kristianne Denault9th - 12th grade
19Local Kids, Local Chefs, Local Food: Continuing the classroom to Cafeteria Connection
Laura Tolosi
District Wide
20MESMS Living MuseumDeborah C. Potter
6th grade$680.19
21Science Pop Up Book
Kristianne Denault & Jill Proskin
6th grade$824.50
22Stage Craft Club
Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grade
23Advanced Digital PhotographyWilliam Tovar & Benedetta Varotta9th - 12th grade$1,646.00YHS PTA
24Make Space in the LibraryShannon Mersand9th - 12th grade$1,500.08
25School Community based
Benedetta Varotta9th - 12th grade$1,400.00YHS PTA
Total Granted from FFE$40,451.43

2013 - 2014 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$6,653.27
1Answers Up
Arlene Rasulo
6th grade$152.65
2Amazing Race at Mohansic
Ernie Della Vecchia
K - 3rd grade$1,275.90
3Courage to Speak Presentation/Curriculum Materials
Michele Monaco
8th grade$2,343.85
Nancy Ferrari and Pauline Quinones
3rd grade$505.99
5Printing Digital Photographs
Jennifer Saldutti
1st grade$720.56
6Operation Grace: Continuing Character Education
Pamela Chesser9th - 12th grades$1,894.60
7P.S. We Care Red Ribbon Week Activities
Karen Profita
K - 12th grades$3,000.00
8Virtual Studio
Mark Grote6th - 8th grades$1,744.97
9Building a Bridge to Literacy
Joan Colsey and Christine Roper
K - 3rd grades$1,243.28
10YHS Writing Center Chromebook Propsal
Debbie Brand and Leo Sposato
9th - 12th grades$6,473.80
11Transitional Skills from our YHS Special Needs Students
Jean Wolff and Theresa Murdock
9th - 12th grades$2,309.00
12Social Studies Chromebooks
Geoff Howard, Seth Altman
9th - 11th grades$8,010.00
13Ancient Egypt: A Multi-Cultural Journey
Scott Shiland
6th grade$1,800.00
14Commemorative Mural
MaryLou McIntosh
6th - 8th grades$1,500.00
15Unity Day Project
Veronica Hildinger, Lynne Golio, Thersa Murdock
6th - 8th grades$4,000.00
16The Sixties: Decade of Turmoil and Triumph
Scott Shiland
9th - 12th grades$4323.85
17Byte-ing into Technology
Jean Barber, Betsy Flor, Mai Jacobs and Adele Kivel
4th & 5th grades$7,859.00
Crompond PTA/$$1,084.00
18Chromebooks and Flipped Instruction
Marilee Mero
9th - 12th grade
19ESL Technology
Arthur Wenzel
9th - 12th grade
20Auditorium Events: Better Backgrounds and Organization
Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grade
Benedetta Varotta and Daniel Moore
9th - 12th grades$3,531.89
22Explode into Performance
Michael Rescigno
9th - 12th grade
Total Granted from FFE$50,356.60
Total Granted from Crompond PTA$1,084.00

2012 - 2013 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$10,000.00
1Dignity for All Students, K-3 Resource LibraryKatherine Wordsman & Bonnie SilverK - 3$556.80
2Experience the Alaska Gold RushChris DiPasquale8th grade$597.40
3Fantastic FitnessKerri D'Angelo,Dennis Daria,Gary Kittredge,Kari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$5584.63
4Safe Landings at CrompondAllison Armstrong & Dave Zeiler4th & 5th grades$1672.84
5Green ReadsBetsy Flor & Cari Brynes4th & 5th grades$325.00
6La Biblioteca EspanolMarion Ricci7th & 8th grades$340.34
7Swing your Feet to Focus - Desks to Enhance LearningArlene Rasulo6th grade$2448.00
8Ford ChallengeBeth Crescimanno, Anna Fazio,Karen Richards,Jim Flanagan4th & 5th grades$821.26
9Life Skills for Todays WorldJean Wolff & Theresa Murdock9th - 12th grades$593.94HS PTSA/$593.94
10ELL Lending Library: Building a Bridge to LiteracyJoan ColseyK - 3$1127.25
11Fluency Made EasyMelissa Dorado, Deirdre Farrell, Ana McMahon, Cristina Moccia1st, 2nd & 3rd$1379.31
12You Read With Me, I'll Read With YouRenee MenzieK - 3$1072.78
13Reading Each Day the Scientific WayJeanne Interlicchio2nd grade$2100.00
14iPad ResourcesPamela Chesser2nd & 9th - 12th$500.00HS PTSA/$500.00
15The Utilization of Digital Temperature & pH SensorsAndrea Servedio9th - 12th grades$2000.54HS PTSA/$2000.54
16iMacs for SoupstonePatricia Calhoun9th - 12th grades$4323.85HS PTSA/$2301.84
17Digital Resources for the ClassroomJennifer SalduttiK$866.84
18Increasing Technology Fluency through IpadsAntonella Dable1st grade$2354.00
19Reading for ReadinessBeth Livermore, Mark Creiner, Jen Colombos4th & 5th grades$5409.60
20Local Kids, Local Food, Local ChefsLaura Tolosi District wide$2700.00
21Special Education Science LabPatrick Burke9th - 12th grades$5000.00
22Chrome books for the ClassroomErica Knopp10th & 11th grades$4095.00HS PTSA/$2301.84
23iMacs for The VoiceLeo Sposato9th - 12th grades$5394.00HS PTSA/$2301.84
24Technology for the 21st Century ClassroomDeborah Potter6th grade$1888.44
Total Granted from FFE$43,151.82

2011 - 2012 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from HS PTSA$3000.00
1CPRMike Rescigno
9th - 12th grades$2500.00HS PTSA/$1250.00
2Earth AdventureLisa Santosusso & Sharon DeBrino
3rd grade$889.60
3MESMS Recess takes Action!Lisa Epstein6th - 8th grades$724.43
4The Brookside Weather StationDanielle ColettaK - 3rd grades$795.00
5Guiding the Way to Independence DayJeanne Interlicchio2nd grade$1000.00
6Crompond Month in ReviewAdele Kivel, Cari Brynes & Jim Flanagan4th & 5th grades$2687.30Crompond PTA/$2687.30
7Medieval FairLisa Morrella & Christopher DiPasquale6th grade$1852.65
8Multimedia Support for the K-3 Social Studies & ScienceRenee MenzieK - 3 grades$1543.24
9GoAnimate 4 Schools CartooningKevin Dowd8th grade$200.00
10MESMS Geocaching Club Lisa Epstein6th - 8th grades$1350.76
11Innovative Technology for MusicJeff Whalen5th grade$2886.00
12Plug Into ReadingAmalia Connolly & Renee MenzieK - 3rd grades$5759.20
13Music for Motion in Physical EducationKerriann D'Angelo6th - 8th grades$677.90
14Shakespeare Should be SeenSuzanne Daria11th & 12th grades$1155.00HS PTSA/$1155.00
15Teaching and Translating with TechnologyJoan ColseyK - 3rd grades$681.00
16Interactive-Informational Text Library for First GradeAntonella Dable1st grade$3214.20
17WebCam at CrompondLauren Reid5th grade$299.95Crompond PTA/$59.99
18Creating & Publishing Literture & Grammar VideosMarilee Mero9th - 12th grades$2497.95HS PTSA/$595.00
19You are what you eatNancy LangehennigK - 3rd grades$5450.00
20Ipad IntergrationPamela Chesser9th - 12th grades$3000.00
21iPads in the LMC: Curriculum and CuriosityDonna Baratta6th - 8th grade$4970.00
Total Granted from FFE$37,136.89

2010 - 2011 Grants Given

Grant NameSubmitted ByStudents IncAmountFunding Partner/Amount
Total Granted from the HS PTSA$5500.00
1Graphic Novel as Literature Phase IIChristine Johnsmeyer9th - 12th$400.00HS PTSA/$2000.00
2MESMS MAC Video Editing SuiteMark Grote6th - 8th grade$990.07
3Utilization of Interactive Models to study AnatomyBarbara Nyarady10th, 11th and 12th$1,117.00HS PTSA/$1280.00
4Bring Back the BluebirdsBruce Thompson4th grade$364.80
5Circle of FriendsMaria Vaglica/Kathleen KaiserK - 3$500.00
6Music as a MotivatorErnie DellaVecchiaK - 3$149.00
7Road to the CodeValerie EpsteinK - 3$2,400.00
8Building a Bridge to LiteracyJoan ColseyK - 3$1,650.00
9America's Choice Mathematics NavigatorMary Froats9th - 12th$6,534.00
10The Marimba ProjectEmily Kluga9th - 12th$3,349.95HS PTSA $1110.00
11Creating an Interactive ClassroomCari Bynes4th grade$1,525.00
12Mrs. Sat's Fitness ChallengeKari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$2,272.00
13Ultrasound/Electrical Muscle StimulationDavid Byrnes9th - 12th$1,050.00Huskers Club/$1050.00
Harrison Apar/$1050.00
14Responding to Intervention Accurately & EfficientlyStacey Cummins/Tori Cavallo5th Grade$3,022.00
15MESMS Aquatics Trasure ChestKari Sateriale6th - 8th grade$3,139.00
16Life's a SkillMaura Haggerty9th - 12th grade$1110.00
Total Granted from FFE$28,462.82