Mixed Bag Fundraiser

The Foundation for Excellence in Yorktown Education is happy to announce their Mixed Bag Designs Spring Fundraiser is in full bloom with adorable, affordable and green products. What a great way to support The Foundation’s mission of enhancing the education of our children! Through it’s fundraising efforts, The Foundation is able to grant funds for many special programs specifically requested by our teachers. All Yorktown schools have benefited from these grants including the High School. The Foundation receives a 40% profit on each order. Those dollars are used 100% for the benefit of the Yorktown public schools.

Simply go online to www.mixedbagdesigns.com, browse the site which is full of amazing products such as reusable bags that are strong and stylish, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and laptop cases, travel bags, garment bags, cosmetic bags, coolers, table-top and gift items, notecards, post-its and white boards, pet products etc.. and select your items. Please make sure to enter our Fundraiser ID #72159 in the “School/Fundraiser ID#” field upon checkout so the Foundation gets the credit for the order.

If you have any questions, please contact Kara Battinelli at 914-299-6496 or kbattinelli@gmail.com.