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This year 42 grants were submitted totaling over $132,000. Below you can read short summaries of the grants! If you are interested in fully funding a grant, please contact us at


 Alternative Classroom Seating

My proposed project is for six Gaiam Kids Classic Balance Ball Chairs for alternative seating in my classroom. The balance ball chairs allow students to move while working/learning all without disrupting the class. The balance ball chair not only encourages focus which leads to better student achievement, but it also encourages healthy posture and builds core muscles in children as well.


 An Apple a Day

Providing iPad technology for our learners would permit them the freedom to create and tell stories through digital media.Students will be able to create iMovies, video reports, digital storytelling, trailers for books and so much more.


Gaga for Mohansic

The addition of Gaga ball to Mohansic will address the unique issue of having a large amount
of blacktop and very little grassy areas for the students to play on. Our hope at Mohansic is that we can provide our students with a safe way to exercise during recess while developing strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. On a social and emotional level the children will learn social skills that will allow them to interact with their peers in a positive way as well as practice good sportsmanship and motivate each other to succeed.


4k Cinema in Science

The ability to actually see and connect with the science curriculum is a key component in fostering a love for science and technology. Extending this ability to learn and connect with the curriculum through these videos online will provide students with a greater opportunity for content retention and allow them to have 24 hour access to first hand, real-world, in-class footage that can be viewed from any internet-based device. The goal of this grant proposal is to have the opportunity to acquire the technology resources needed to create and implement these science-based videos.


 Cardio Upgrade in the HS Fitness Center

The PE department wrote this grant to update and replace 3 elliptical machines in the fitness center. We make cardio a big part of our program and replacing these outdated and broken machines would help our students obtain the full benefit of the workout. The fitness center is open every day after school for everyone so the machines will be put to great use for all.


Enhancing Instruction Through Technology

My proposed project is for 19 Touchscreen Chromebooks (to complete a class set for my classroom) for the students to utilize to enhance curriculum instruction and promote technology use in learning to help prepare students to become college and career ready. I plan to use the Touchscreen Chromebooks as a station for guided reading and center time during my literacy block, as a math center, for my students to publish writing pieces, and I also plan to use them when I begin using Google Classroom next year. I would be greatly appreciative of at least 6 Touchscreen Chromebooks so I can pair students next year when using technology in my classroom.


We are All a Tweet

The 4th grade developed a year long PBL, STEAM Project.This Grant would provide two Audubon visits to each class,bird feeders for each class, squirrel feeders, binoculars and bird seed.This grant enhances the students learning in solving the complex problems related to birds and the environment.


Expanding our Experiences

Teaching functional life skills to the students in the 8:1:2 program is an essential part of their education which encourages independence and prepares them for the skills needed to obtain a high quality of life. Although there are many aspects of daily living skills that need to be obtained, kitchen awareness is something that the students will use every single day. Our goal is to educate our students with the knowledge it takes to work within a kitchen as independently as possible while focusing on skills that include planning and preparation, safety within the kitchen, fine motor and gross motor skills, kitchen hygiene, and executive functioning skills.


 Imagination Playground in Kindergarten

The use of Imagination Playground medium sized blocks in kindergarten will support and enhance learning through productive play in the classroom setting. Our youngest learners will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively to create and solve problems where the answers are not provided for them. Use of these blocks in the classroom will foster social, emotional and intellectual growth while supporting gross and fine motor development, as well.


One Book/ One District

I would like the entire school district staff to read the book Unselfie by Dr. Michele Borba. In a recent study of college freshmen around the United States it was determined that there has been a decrease in their level of empathy and an increase in their level of narcissism. Dr. Borba’s book is written to help adults teach and apply the virtue/value of empathy in all of our students.

As world citizens, we want to ensure that everyone recognizes their ability to make a difference in the world. Ghandi stated: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” There are 60,000,000 students (k-12) in the United States. Imagine if every one of them believed that they could and should make a difference. We would have a much better world.

We aspire to have our students lead and serve and make their part of the world kinder, nicer and more empathetic.


Full STEAM ahead in the Library

I am requesting 14 iPads to add to the 10 I obtained from an earlier FFE grant, in order to grow the STEAM curriculum connection as I build a climate of collaboration between classroom teachers and the library! In addition to the obvious connections to the science curriculum, there are many ways to tie engineering projects to literature. Finally, there are many apps available for the iPads to use, in this endeavor.


 The Mindful Place

As a National School of Character, MESMS understands the importance of educating the whole child. Over the past few years we have seen an increased need to support students who have social emotional dysregulation. We seek to create a tranquil environment, The Mindful Place, that incorporates some of the strategies and skills of Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in our building.


Creating a Classroom to Cultivate the 4 C’s

We are looking to create an environment that will allow for hands on learning experiences and opportunities to think critically, collaborate, communicate and create. In order to support these
skills and provide opportunity for students to regularly engage in activities that will strengthen these skills, we would like to redesign our classroom environment from a typical desk and chair for each student to a more flexible learning environment. This environment will support learners of all styles and needs while giving students choice as to how and where they complete their work.


Chromebooks for the YHS Art Department

I am requesting a partial class set of Chromebooks for the Yorktown High School Art Department. A dedicated set of Chromebooks will give students enrolled in visual art classes the spontaneous ability to seek out photographic reference for art projects and research art, artists and artistic movements in art history that will support the New York State art curriculum and enrich their classroom experience. Chromebooks in the studio environment will also allow for the use of Google classroom to exchange written and visual information in a paperless format.


A Voice for All

This grant is to be used to purchase a microphone to be used in a first grade class to develop fluency, comprehension, and confidence. The microphone will be used mainly in conjunction with our reader’s theater program, but also for class presentations and sharing written work. Last year, we were able to borrow a microphone, and found that all students, but especially our struggling readers benefitted from using a microphone.


 “STEM” Workstations

Our grant for the Edison robots, the Finch robots, the K’Nex, and the Hummingbird kits will allow us to provide “STEM” stations for students. The stations will be a bridge to the activities of “coding” and “building” that we complete in the technology and computer curriculum. The skills that are combined with these STEAM activities include: creative problem solving, teamwork, communication and collaboration skills.


 The Adaptive Classroom

The Special Education teachers would like to further support our students to improve focus, concentration, behavior and time on task with an alternative selection of creative seating for the working student. Adaptive classrooms are on the rise, outfitted with specialized furniture designed to provide greater ease of use and access to children with special needs. No matter what the student accommodation needs are, the right classroom seating and desk arrangements have a significant impact on how students concentrate, listen, retain information, and learn.


Oh, The Places You’ll Go with Ozobots

We would like to give all students varied experiences to learn coding and/or computer programming. Students that use Ozobots are learning sequential thinking, logical reasoning and coding concepts. The teaching of these crucial life skills ensures that children from all backgrounds have the ability to succeed in the future digital age.


  Grade 3: Wolves in the Wild

We would like to bring the grade 3 students from Mohansic and Brookside to visit the wolf conservation center in South Salem to further our study of wolves in fact. We hope to further our knowledge and understanding of this endangered species by viewing them in their natural habitat and learning from the workshops offered. By enhancing student learning beyond the textbook to real world experiences, students will be able to experience first-hand what they have been reading about.


Operation Special Effects

We are excited to be able to introduce our students to Apple’s professional level special effects software, “Motion.” TV Production students will have unfettered access to levitation, leaping tall buildings, bending walls, teleporting, following worm holes, building armies, morphing faces, planetary exploration and following the imagination. We expect to reach the stars.


Egyptian Exploration with Michael Harrold

This full day experience with Mr. Mike will engage all 6th graders as he presents an engaging and interactive educational program. He will utilize primary documents and photographs, artifacts and his own personal anecdotes as a world traveler. Michael Harrold will open the eyes of our students to the splendor of the Egyptian culture by presenting to the entire grade level and then breaking down into smaller groups/teams for a truly interactive experience.


Flexible Seating

My grant request is to infuse the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) with the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking) by adding flexible seating in my classroom. I want to create a more collaborative space. A space that inspires, motivates, supports and empowers students to choose a work spot and seating in the classroom that meets their learning style.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Implementation Kit for Adolescents

Our group has been trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is working to begin implementation over the next few months. Our team’s goal is to offer a succinct and skillful approach to helping our students when they are in need. The proposed project and implementation of DBT will support and enhance the curriculum in a great way.


Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is a new technology which enables teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places like museums, faraway cities, and outer space. For each essential question or lesson objective there are a myriad of expeditions to choose from. We are requesting a grant from the Foundation for Excellence for a set of 25 Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewers and 25 compatible devices (android phones) to allow us to enhance the learning of our third grade students as they are magically transported to places anywhere on earth!


iPad Independence

Our third grade special education students have had the opportunity to use iPads in our classroom for several years. We would like the opportunity to provide each of our students with an iPad to reinforce reading and math skills, as well as support differentiated learning. More and more our students come to school having much practice with these kinds of tools. These tools provide a direct correlation to their engagement and success in the classroom.



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